How can I forgive myself?

Most people have a closet of shame hidden from everyone except them.  Every drawer is filled with soiled acts of shame; remembered in vivid detail what was said or done to exhaustion–replaying it again, again until it makes them sick, depressed and rejected. Their entire being aches with pain. This can’t be me, but it is.

They are locked in their closet of shame with no key to get out. Thoughts of self rejection are so hindering and binding one can’t progress in life until you accept God’s unconditional forgiveness, acceptance and love. If you can’t forgive yourself, how can you forgive others? You can’t.

Don’t live with regret or those painful intruders of woulda, coulda and shoulda. Dr. Stanley handles the process of forgiving yourself well.  I also attached a link to his site below. Enjoy the read.

Charles Stanley. Forgive Yourself.jpg

Author Dr. Charles Stanley, published  March 2019 day 7.

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